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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Perfect Bible study book for Valentines!

  • If you're looking for true love for Valentines Day
  • If you're looking for a great Bible study for your small group 
  • If you're looking for something different that involves your love for music and the Word
  • If you're looking for something to pull you into Bible reading...this is the book for you. 
iLove is a 11 week multi-sensory Bible study/devotional, perfect for personal or small group use. Each reading combines the lyrics and music of Rob Baker's iLove CD (available on itunes as singles or album) with a devotional thought and topical study from God's Word.

Warm, personal, funny, inspiring, and the perfect gift for you or a friend for Valentines. Follow the link to view on Amazon. Available in paperback and kindle.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Special Event Saturday at Five Rivers Coffee Roasters

If you're looking for something fun on the North Coast this Saturday, Five Rivers Coffee Roasters is hosting a Book Bazaar from 9:00-5:00. The address is 3670 U.S. 101, Tillamook, OR 97141

Come and shop the book table loaded with books by local authors:
Neal Lemrey
Arlene Sachitano
Doug Carlson-Swanson
and yours truly, Beth Vice
Don't miss the Reading Panel from 10am-11:30 where each author will have 20 min to share about their publishing experience and read excerpts. This will be followed by Q and A session.  
After that will be special music by David Douglas at 12:00 and more special music by Michael Gabel at 3:00.

So come and do some Christmas shopping, enjoy a terrific coffee treat, breakfast or lunch, and support your local authors! It's going to be a fun day!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Beth's October Events

We're only on day three of October, but the month is already full! My family made it successfully out the other side of a rather eventful camping and quading trip. Two of our trucks had to be towed home, one elk died on route, a break line went out, one quad headed full force into three feet of water, and one rider bailed from his quad only to be hit full force in the back of the head by it!

The Lord protected and provided for us numerous times - no one went to the ER, there were no broken bones or concussions and everyone made it home safely (except the elk). We keep shaking our heads over God's gracious care!

I enjoyed a fantastic birthday last week, and October picks up speed, with five more birthdays to celebrate. On Saturday, we all gathered for a 30-3-33 Super Hero party for our daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law's celebration of threes this month. All the big names were there: Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, Frozone, as well as a Holy Warrior (from Ephesians 6) and Queen Esther. 

This has been tons of fun, but there's more to come. I'm celebrating the new edition of Taking Back October that just came out and more opportunities to speak, sell books, and get together with other writers from the Northwest.

Here's the schedule so far:
Monday, Oct. 3 at 6:00 (tonight): Speaking for the PEO group in Garibaldi on "Why I Do What I Do."
Friday, Oct. 14: In Salem for an open discussion and presentation on "Halloween and Christianity." We'll be talking about alternative ways to celebrate this season in our families and churches and I'll be reading excerpts from my book Taking Back October
Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 5:30: Teaching the third lesson of Celebrate Recovery on "Hope" at Tillamook Nazarene Church.
Saturday, Oct. 15: Gathering with other writers for the fall Oregon Christian Writer's Conference at Warner Pacific College in Portland.
Sunday, Oct. 16 at 6:00: Presenting an "Interactive Evening of Prayer" at Tillamook Nazarene Church. This includes music, video, and manipulative objects for a meaningful time of prayer. This is open to any who would like to come praise, worship, and seek God in new, fresh ways.
Saturday, Oct. 22, 9:30-3:30: Selling my books and gift mugs at the Salem First Church of the Nazarene's Craft Faire. 

I'm excited about all these opportunities to meet new people, connect with old friends, and hopefully inspire and draw in a few new readers. If you would like to come to any of these events don't hesitate to ask for more information. I'd love to see you there!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Great Reviews on Taking Back October!

My newly updated version of Taking Back October is off to a great start! The Kindle giveaway was a big success. I've been able to reach more readers and I've been hearing good things from a few already.

Here are a couple reviews:

From one who has been involved in church ministries since youth, this book is a breath of fresh air! Not only was I involved in several Halloween “parties” during my early years, but sometimes involved in the planning. As a young adult I became less & less inclined to this “celebration.” By the time we had four children our interest grew even less, though we would have been unable to tell others why. One year ago our friends loaned me a copy of this book and the light came on. I suddenly realized why we had quit participating in this annual ritual. Halloween is completely incompatible with following Jesus.

In a concise manner, Beth gives a scriptural basis for not celebrating Halloween along with its origins and meanings of the basic elements. One of the things that is so refreshing is it is not a “Thou shalt not” approach. Included are many suggestions and resources for a replacement celebration that is wholesome and scriptural. She has produced a good working manual for Christian Heritage celebration, culminating on All Saints Day, November 1st.

This is a book I highly recommend for everyone, but especially to Christian families with children still in the home. How wonderful that there is something positive and wholesome to replace one of the enemies schemes to deceive people. This ought to be required reading for every church leader. In addition there should be times of discussion about the change of direction within church programs that involve more than just the leadership.

Roland Ward, adult Sunday school teacher

You have done a masterful work of voicing the warning without shaking your finger to guilt the Christian community. Then you moved naturally (I could almost feel your excitement) into a well-organized plan for alternate celebrations with some why/what/how helps.

The tone kept my nose in the book as you opened my eyes to the real evil of Halloween. Great! But most of all, thank you for showing us how to do something about it, both in our homes and in our churches. Like Paul, your advice and desire urge believers to be wise in all their ways.

Beth Vice takes a courageous stand by exposing the truth about Halloween in her book, Taking Back October. She shines light on this undiagnosed Christian blindness. Beth writes, “As long as the Church continues to teach that playing around with the supernatural world is fun and harmless, the enemy will use that to derail even the faithful.”

Her research details some scary, threatening truths. Don’t put the book down. Please, keep reading. For the souls of our Christian children and youth, discover our power to make a difference and derail Satan’s plans. Beth provides a rich, fun outline of activities to help us in Taking Back October. Halloween is the devil’s party. The children of God must never celebrate wickedness and death in the courts of the Devil then expect to worship our holy God.

Jerrie Hosford—follower of Jesus Christ and senior adult teacher

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Monday, September 12, 2016

FREE Giveaway of Taking Back October

If you like FREE books (and who could turn that down?) you might want to check out this FREE giveaway. Go to the following link to enter: 

Winners will receive a free copy of my newly revised and updated Taking Back October on Kindle. This is the perfect time for it too, just as kids are getting back to school and the night air is turning crisp.

I am excited to offer this new edition of Taking Back October, now with discussion questions, up to date info, and additional resources for families and churches that want to celebrate the fall season with a unique flair - inspiring God-worship, rather than Satan worship. God is so worthy of our praise!

Share this link with your friends and family and hopefully one of you will be a lucky winner.

And let me know if you are interested in hosting a Book Event at your home or church where we can have an open table discussion about Halloween and options for people who want to honor our Lord in this season of the year. If you provide the venue and the people, I would be delighted to come with books, banners, and all kinds of fun ideas to get you started!

Contact me at:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June and July Events

I'm excited to be teaching the Celebrate Recovery lesson at Tillamook Nazarene Church tonight. The topic is "Yes," Lesson 24 from the 25 lessons on how to deal with the hurts, habits, and hangups we develop in life.

What I've realized as I've prepared to teach is that in order to say "Yes" to the good stuff of life, we must first learn how to say "No" to the harmful, distracting, and unproductive. This is essential to being able to accept and share all God has for us.

If you live in the area, I'd like to invite you to come. It's a wonderful time of worship and growth:
Dinner at 5:30
Teaching at 6:00
Small groups at 7:00 (childcare available from 6-8:00)

2611 Third St.

Tillamook, OR 97141 

In July, I will be teaching "How to Read the Bible" during the second hour small group time. This will be a special class for men and women who would like to learn tips on how to approach Bible reading, how to understand what you read, and how to enjoy the process!

This will be offered Tuesday, July 12 and 19. Same location as above.
All are welcome!

#celebraterecoveryoregoncoast #howtoreadtheBible #whentosayyes  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What I'm Up to This Month

Reading and Loving the Bible

10 Reasons Why It's Important and 

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of It

I will be offering this free class at 

Five Rivers Coffee Roasters:

3670 U.S. 101, Tillamook, OR 97141

On Friday, May 13 @ 12:00 noon and also Friday, May 27 @ 5:00

This one-time session is especially designed for -
  • People who have never read the Bible before in their life and have no clue where to start
  • People who have tried reading the Bible and gave up because it didn't make any sense to them
  • People who have read parts of the Bible (maybe even grown up going to church), but still feel ignorant when it comes to knowing what it says
This will be an informal learning session, so come with questions, or just come and soak up  information and decide whether you want to try it out at home.

I'll begin with reasons why I believe reading the Bible is important. Then I'll move on with some practical ways to crack open this wonderful book. It's not so intimidating when you begin taking it a bite at a time. I'll show how to use online resources, Bible apps, as well as different versions and commentaries to get the most out of your reading.

Beware though, once you learn how addicting it is to read the Bible, you won't want to stop! That's what I hope anyway.

#don'tunderstandtheBible #whatdoestheBiblemean #Biblereading101 #whyshouldIreadtheBible

On Tuesday, May 24 @ 6:00 pm, I will be teaching on "Give"

at Celebrate Recovery

Tillamook Nazarene Church

2611 3rd St., Tillamook, OR 97141

Dinner for donation @ 5:30

childcare for kids up to 12

"Give" is Principle 8 and Step 12 of this faith-based 12 step curriculum. It's the fun part where we start sharing what we've learned about the joy and peace we find with God, and how it spills over into our relationships with others. It doesn't mean we're perfect, but that we know where to find help and healing from all of life's hurt, habits, and hangups. The things we've done to ourselves, and things others and the traumas of life have done to us.

I hope if you live in the area, you can come to one or both of these events in May. I would love to share with you. You have my personal invitation!

#celebraterecoveryoregoncoast #helpforaddiction #givingawayyourfaith #faithbasedsupportgroups